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Thank you for your interest in
Elk Grove Village, Illinois as a potential business location.


Located adjacent to O'Hare International Airport, Elk Grove is an integral component of the Chicago Metropolitan Region's economy. A planned community with approximately 35,000 residents, Elk Grove boasts the largest consolidated business park in North America with over 61 million square feet of industrial inventory. Elk Grove's business community is diverse, with major employers representing a broad range of industries including; technology, manufacturing, retail, health care and warehousing / logistics.

Elk Grove Village Banquet Attendees
Left to Right - Matt Walker (Publisher of The Elk Grove Book) with Samuel L. Lissner, Jeffrey C. Franke, Chris Prochno, Raymond R. Rummel, Nancy J. Czarnik, Scott Miller (Dep. Fire Chief), John Nowacki (Deputy Chief of Police), and Josh Grodzin.

Elk Grove is a proactive and business friendly community that values its corporate residents and works diligently to support their growth. The Village consistently invests in the modernization and infrastructure improvements to its Business Park while maintaining a low local property tax rate. Elk Grove's competitive business advantages include:

  • A business friendly environment
  • A fair, predictable and equitable regulatory environment
  • Proximity to O'Hare International Airport and the City of Chicago
  • Convenient access to Interstates 90, 290, 294, 355 & the Elgin O'Hare Expressway
  • Extensive rail service throughout the Business Park
  • Highly educated and creative workforce
  • Over $50 million reinvested back into the Business Park over ten years

Village staff communicates regularly with state economic development officials, utility companies, workforce development professionals, real estate development professionals and educational institutions throughout the area. This coordination ensures that development resources are customized to your client's needs and readily available. This service is provided at no cost to the business community.

Please see the attached list of business resources the Village is able to facilitate.

For additional information about Elk Grove Village please call Josh Grodzin, Director of Business Development and Marketing at 847-357-4005 or visit

Josh Grodzin, Director of Business Development and Marketing

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