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650 E Devon Ave, Suite #155 Door B | Itasca, Il. 60143 | 877-355-4768 | www.elkgrovechamber.org

The Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce is the premier business association serving the Village.

With over 200 members, the Chamber provides networking opportunities, business news and information, advertising opportunities, and annual events such as the Mayor's State of the Village Address and an annual golf outing.

Chamber membership is diverse with businesses representing a wide range of industries.

The mission of the Chamber includes:

• Identify and address the interests of Elk Grove Businesses

• Create and promote a stronger climate for businesses to locate and relocate to Elk Grove

• Enhance opportunities to interact with local government bodies that directly affect Elk Grove businesses

• Assist businesses in enhancing their operations and promotions through training, networking and employment opportunities

• Strengthen the sense of community in this dynamic environment

• Provide opportunities for business-to-business contacts that promote better communications and increased profits

For membership and event information please visit www.elkgrovechamber.org

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