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2900 Lively Blvd. | Elk Grove Village, Il. 60007 | 800-471-9617 | www.3dexhibits.com

Anyone who has ever attended or taken part in a trade show knows that the exhibits can vary from small tables or booths to giant, sweeping backdrops and modules that resemble stage sets. 3D Exhibits in Elk Grove Village can provide both kinds of experiences.

While 3D Exhibits does provide small portable rental solutions for companies that want to stick to basics at trade shows, its forte is definitely the dramatic, eye-popping displays that have won multiple awards from trade show industry magazines such as Exhibitor and Event Marketer.

"We design and build custom trade show exhibits ranging from small booths to large displays that have to be shipped in semi-trailers," says Nicole Genarella, 3D Exhibit's vice president of marketing. "We also provide high-quality rental displays for companies who don't want the commitment of owning a custom-made exhibit. That's how we've found success - by offering a gamut of solutions to meet every budget, every need, and every expectation."

All custom-designed exhibits are built from scratch, with set-up and tear-down overseen by 3D personnel who travel to the various trade shows and supervise the work of its labor company partner, Renaissance Management. 3D Exhibits can also organize and execute special trade show events ranging from live streaming video presentations and product launches to parties and concerts.

3D Exhibits was established in 1995 by the company's former CEO Bill Dixon, a trade show industry veteran who left another exhibit company to go out on his own because he didn't feel that clients were getting the service they deserved. "Bill founded 3D on the premise that if you take care of the customer, they'll continue to come to you," Genarella explains. "The company started out with small premises and five employees. Seventeen years and $52 million a year later, it's still going strong."

3D Exhibits is now headed by president Gene Faut and helped out by a team of approximately 125 to 130 employees in all four of its locations. The majority of 3D's employees work out of the company's 310,000-square-foot headquarters at 2900 Lively Boulevard in Elk Grove Village, with the remainder manning the company's 40,000-square-foot facilities in Delaware and Las Vegas, Nevada and small office quarters in Milwaukee and Indianapolis.

"We keep our main headquarters in Elk Grove because of its central location and we also do fabrication there, as well as in Delaware and Las Vegas," says Genarella. "We expanded to those locations to meet the needs of some of our major clients. We don't grow just to grow; we grow when the need arises."

3D Exhibits' employees come from a variety of different backgrounds, but all have extensive experience in their particular areas. "In the trade show industry, it takes a variety of different people to make it all happen," Genarella says, "including executives, account managers, graphic designers, interactive designers, carpenters, and engineers. The most important qualification for our employees, besides experience in their field, is that they have to be like-minded to our company."

3D Exhibits' approximately 400 customers span not only the United States but the world, and come from a wide range of industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, specialized chemicals, wireless technology and solutions, computer manufacturing, video gaming, sports equipment, and educational publishing and technology. For each of its clients, 3D Exhibits provides customized solutions tailored to their needs, which the company goes to great lengths to determine.

"One of our clients said she keeps forgetting that we work for 3D, not her," says Genarella, "because we seem like part of her team. I think that's the best compliment our company can get."

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