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Without trains and the railways that run them, not only would you be deprived of a valuable alternative form of commuting to work every day, you would also notice empty store shelves and an increase in the amount of time it takes to replenish them. Railways are a vital link in the transportation network that conveys merchandise from the manufacturer to the distributor and ultimately to the consumer, especially for bulk goods, perishable materials, and time-sensitive commodities such as automobiles, machinery, and parts.

According to the Railinc Corporation, there were approximately 550 railroads that carried more than 25% of the country's freight in 2009 on about 150,000 miles of track. Six of those railroads are owned by a subsidiary of Iowa Pacific Holdings LLC, a Chicago-based holding company that provides rail-related services to both passengers and the manufacturing industry. Iowa Pacific currently owns the Chicago Terminal Railroad, the Mount Hood Railroad, the San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad, the Saratoga and North Creek Railway, the Texas-New Mexico Railroad, and the West Texas and Lubbock Railway. All of these railroads were acquired under the umbrella of a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iowa Pacific called the Permian Basin Railways (PBR).

Together, these railroads provide a variety of support and maintenance benefits, including rail freight service, railcar storage, freight car repairs, rail transloading, real estate leasing, freight logistics, track maintenance and repair services, and scenic passenger excursions. Iowa Pacific's customer base spans south-central Colorado, northern Illinois, southeast New Mexico, western Oregon, and western Texas.

Railcar storage is one of Iowa Pacific's major divisions. It is available at the West Texas and Lubbock Railway in Lubbock and Plainview, TX; the San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad in Walsenburg, CO; the Mount Hood Railroad in Hood River, OR; and the Chicago Terminal Railroad at its three locations in Chicago, Elk Grove Village, and Bensenville, IL. Besides storing railcars, the Chicago Terminal Railroad also performs switching and terminal services, including assembling and breaking up of trains and operating its terminal facility.

The six railroads also play a part in another of Iowa Pacific's key services - industrial development. Industrial manufacturers looking to establish or improve rail business on the railroads owned by Permian Basin Railways can receive efficient transport of their merchandise anywhere in North America on both privately-owned and PBR-owned tracks through rail leases and industry track agreements. Iowa Pacific can also provide manufacturers with transloading (transferring shipments from one method of transportation to another), as well as assistance in locating available rail-served sites appropriate for their needs.

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