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575 Bennett Rd | Elk Grove Village, Il. 60007 | www.pulverpackaging.com

Today's consumers are very conscious about conserving natural resources and preventing contributions to air, water, and land pollution. Pulver Packaging, a third-generation family-owned manufacturer of paperboard folding cartons and paperboard packaging, was environmentally-friendly long before that term became the buzzword it has today.

The business began life as Lyle Howard Company in 1958 when Lyle Howard, the head press operator for the printing company that produced Popular Mechanics magazine, decided to start his own business in Chicago. As the company developed over the years, it passed successively to Lyle's son in law Pete Pulver and then to his grandson Patrick, who began working for his grandfather after graduating from high school (in between stints as a professional musician) and eventually took over as president and CEO of Pulver Packaging in January 2000.

The company moved into its 30,000-square-foot facility at 575 Bennett Road in Elk Grove Village in 1972. With its state-of-the-art technology including Komori printing presses, Bobst die cutting presses, and both Signature and Jagenberg folder gluers, Pulver Packaging produces a wide variety of environmentally-friendly paperboard packaging, from high impact printed folding cartons using soy based inks to plain white or kraft paperboard mailers and stock folding cartons.

Although no one specific industry makes up more than five percent of its total business, Pulver Packaging's products are used by a widespread range of markets such as the automotive, cosmetics, food, hardware, household, music, pharmaceutical, and software industries. It specializes in folding cartons including automatic bottoms, point-of-purchase displays, seal ends, sleeve styles, tray styles, and tuck ends. Pulver Packaging counts major international companies such as Adobe, AT&T, and Kraft Foods among its customers, and prides itself on providing the highest quality paperboard packaging and customer service at competitive prices.

Pulver Packaging's 20 employees are all highly-trained, whether they learn on the job or have previous experience in the printing industry. "Manufacturing paperboard packaging involves a combination of printing, die cutting, folding, gluing, and other special services in a 3 dimensional mind set," says Patrick Pulver, "so even someone who has experience in commercial printing needs to take a step back and learn the basic concepts of folding cartons as it's not just ink on paper. All of our employees are committed to customer service, and each department is trained to synchronize with other departments so they can meet the specifications and time requirements of every customer, whether it's a short, medium, or long run job."

"Paperboard," says Pulver, "is the most environmentally friendly choice today's consumer can make when it comes to packaging."

"A plastic water bottle takes 75 years to decompose in a landfill, while a tin soup can takes 50 years," Pulver explains. "On the other hand, paperboard packaging only takes eight weeks to decompose, the same as an apple core, because they're both organic materials. Using paperboard packaging also encourages private landowners to grow more trees and avoid selling their land for development. The trees that are cut down for paper products are grown as a crop to be used specifically for that purpose, and the U. S. government requires the forestry industry to plant three trees for every one they cut down. It doesn't get any greener than that."

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