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John C. Malina was a natural engineer. When he started his own tool and die making company, Dovee Manufacturing, in 1944 with his two brothers (the name of the company came from the combined names of their wives), John was the acknowledged mechanical expert. He was subcontracted by the U. S. Air Force to help the war effort by manufacturing brass components in Detroit for radar installations.

After World War II, Malina returned to Chicago, eventually bought out his brothers, and added punch presses to the company to branch out into the metal stamping industry, although Dovee Manufacturing continued to specialize in tool and die making. In fact, Dovee was in the forefront of the industry by becoming one of the first die makers in the Chicago area to utilize an EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine), which produces dies through electrical discharges from electrodes.

When Malina passed away in 1961, his widow Dorothy took over the company and ran it herself until their two sons, John Jr. and Larry, came of age and were able to enter the business as CEO and CFO respectively. The company is now in its third generation of family ownership, with John's children, John III and Amy, acting as VP of Operations and VP of Finance.

The company moved from its original facility in Franklin Park to its current 10,000-square-foot building at 1425 Howard Street in Elk Grove Village in 1979. As an OEM manufacturer, Dovee produces tools and components for a varied clientele all over the United States, Canada, and overseas, including the agriculture, lighting and roofing industries.

"We'll design and build anything we have the capacity for," says Amy Malina, "and because we're family-run, we're very hands-on and directly involved with everything. When a customer calls us, they'll always get one of the four owners."

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