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850 Pratt Blvd. | Elk Grove Village, Il. 60007 | www.pmicartoning.com

Whenever we dig into a box of chocolates or open a blister pack of allergy pills, we're usually concentrating more on what is inside the package than we are on the container itself. Other than noticing brand names and logos, we don't usually stop to think about the packaging and how it was done. Yet packaging is an important part of the merchandising process. The machines that assemble and fill these containers are critical pieces of equipment for manufacturers in every industry.

Branko Tisma, founder and president of PMI Cartoning Inc, has made his living supplying these machines. After finishing school in his native Croatia, Tisma moved to the United States in 1983 and joined his uncle in the packaging machine building industry. He decided to venture out on his own ten years later, forming his new company's name from a contraction of Packaging Machines International and choosing Elk Grove Village for its location and convenient transportation system.

PMI Cartoning currently employs approximately 70 people, between its Elk Grove facility at 850 Pratt Boulevard and in a second location in Arlington Heights. Purchased in 2002, the 35,000-square-foot Arlington Heights facility deals exclusively with refurbishing used packaging equipment. The main 70,000-square-foot Elk Grove location focuses on designing and building several varieties of vertical and horizontal automatic cartoners, as well as case packagers, integrated turn-key systems, pouch systems, and various custom packaging solutions. "Our packaging machines serve every key segment of the industry," says Tisma, "including food, beverage, cosmetic, confectionary, pharmaceutical and many more industrial and consumer companies. We construct a lot of machines for companies such as Hershey, Kraft, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and many small family businesses."

In addition to cartoning machines, PMI Cartoning can provide equipment for almost any packaging application including varieties of case packagers which are used to collate, erect, load, pack, and seal top-, side-, tray, and end-load cases. PMI Cartoning capabilities also include a continuous motion pouch system which can handle and fill up to 300 pouches per minute, sleeve, tray, wrap around, filling and closing plastic dispensing containers for candy and breath mints, and many unique and custom "one of a kind" packaging challenges.

PMI Cartoning also specializes in building integrated packaging systems which combine several different packaging functions in one machine or a system of several machines. PMI Cartoning will also "turn-key" systems managing several vendors of a packaging operation - being the single source responsibile for the line.

The design and construction of the machines are handled by PMI Cartoning's staff of engineers and technicians. "Most of our employees have already had extensive prior experience in engineering or the machine building industry," says Tisma, "but we also provide on-site training for those who might not have much experience or are not familiar with certain types of packaging machinery. All of our employees are well qualified to provide our customers with the services needed to manufacture and support the entire machine."

Besides its quality products, PMI Cartoning also prides itself on customer service, which is how it retains customers even in spite of the availability of lower-cost foreign-made machinery.

"Our customers stay with us because we have built a good name and reputation for ourselves," Tisma says. "Some of our customers have tried outsourcing from foreign markets, but they always come back to us because of our superior robust innovative machinery and excellent service."

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