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When we call a moving company to help us relocate to a new home or office, most of us usually expect a certain amount of scuffs, dents and dings. If you called Midwest Moving and Storage, however, not only would you find that they are specially trained to minimize that kind of damage, but they may even wipe their feet before they walk through your door.

It's that kind of attention to detail that helped Luis Toledo progress from driving and loading a moving truck for a well-known North Shore moving firm to supervising a fleet of moving trucks as president of his own company.

"People would always ask for Luis and his crew because they did some really unique things that you don't normally associate with movers," says Tom Pera, General Manager of Midwest Moving and Storage. "He would carry his own mat around with him and make sure all of his crew wiped their feet before they entered a building. He would take extra care protecting furnishings so they wouldn't get damaged during the move. He and his crew would even ask to take a break and then spend it doing 50 push-ups in front of the customers before going back to work. He discovered that by injecting his own personality and showing how much he cared about moving, it made it a better experience for everybody."

After getting a number of referrals, Toledo finally sought permission from his employers to go out on his own, and launched Midwest Moving and Storage, Inc. in 1983.

Since then, Midwest Moving and Storage has established itself as not only a reliable residential mover, but also as specialists in moving businesses, schools, laboratories, and governmental agencies. Midwest Moving's employees (who are all union-affiliated and can number anywhere from 50 to 125 during the peak summer moving season) are certified in the IOMI® (International Office Moving Institute) office relocation process.

This procedure involves the use of special training, methods and equipment in order to minimize the chance of damage to computers, lab equipment, furniture, and buildings. For example, CPUs, monitors and printers are wrapped in two layers of static-free bubble-wrap and transported in a hard-surface computer crate. Special padding and insulation is used to protect walls, floors, doors, and elevator entrances.

Because the IOMI method bases its cost estimates on man-hours, logistics, and volume rather than weight (which is more properly used for residential moves), moving firms that use it can greatly minimize the downtime associated with moving an office. Because of this savings in time and money, Midwest Moving and Storage is the mover of choice for such major organizations as Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, Alcatel Lucent, Loyola Medical Center, and Argonne National Laboratory.

Midwest Moving and Storage also offers long-distance or international moving, packing and unpacking, "boxless" moves, and furniture and document storage, making it a full-service moving, logistics, and transportation company.

"We provide a predictable level of service," says Pera, "whether we're moving a home, a school, or a business."

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