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Behind almost every block of buildings in Elk Grove Village's five-square-mile industrial park is a set of railroad tracks. These tracks, which are run by Chicago Terminal Railroad, represent another mode of transportation that manufacturers in Elk Grove can use to make sure their goods reach their customers.

Chicago Terminal Railroad operates three segments of track for Permian Basin Railways, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iowa Pacific Holdings. The other two operations are located in the city of Chicago and in the suburb of Bensenville. The Elk Grove trackage was originally built by predecessors to Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific, to serve the Centex Industrial Park at Elk Grove Village, and is still owned by those railroads.

In 2007, Chicago Terminal Railroad contracted with Union Pacific to lease the trackage and provide switching service. "Iowa Pacific specializes in local short-haul rail service," says Tim Fuhrer, superintendent of Chicago Terminal. "We provide the first and last mile for our customers in shipping or receiving by rail, and Union Pacific along with our other Chicago connections provide service to any-where in North America," Fuhrer says.

The tracks in the Elk Grove portion of Chicago Terminal Railroad are bordered primarily by Landmeier Road and Devon Avenue in the north and south, and by Elmhurst Road and Tonne Road in the east and west. "Commodities presently handled by Chicago Terminal include plastics, vegetable oils, petroleum products, and sugar plus other sweeteners."

Other services that Chicago Terminal Railroad can provide for local businesses include railcar storage, track leasing, and transloading (transferring goods from one method of transportation to another).

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