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25 Turner Avenue | Elk Grove Village, Il. 60007 | yourpad.com/frank_ramljak
Frank Ramljak
Prudential American Heritage Real Estate

Real estate was not Frank Ramljak's first career choice. He was originally a school teacher for five years, and then took a part-time real estate job to supplement his income. He did well enough at it to be offered a management position and decided to make it his full-time occupation.

"I still enjoy teaching", Ramljak says, "and in fact, I've found that teachers make very good real estate agents. With the way the real estate market has been, agents have to provide a lot of guidance and explanation to buyers and sellers, so teaching is actually an excellent background for the real estate industry."

In 1978, Ramljak and two partners went out on their own and opened what is now Prudential American Heritage Real Estate at 25 Turner Avenue in Elk Grove Village. The company specializes in the sale and rental of residential properties, such as single family homes, townhomes and condominiums, in the Northwestern Chicago Suburban area. It also handles commercial and investment properties and maintains a property management division. The Company also has an in-house mortgage affiliation with Shelter Mortgage Company to provide residential loans to its clients.

As one of the more than 1,500 independently-owned offices of Prudential Real Estate, Prudential American Heritage combines the resources of a dynamic nationwide firm with the flexibility and dedication of a smaller company. An added advantage is that many of its 55 agents are active residents of Elk Grove Village themselves; giving them an insider's knowledge of the community they sell.

"Elk Grove Village, Itasca, Roselle and Schaumburg are our best-selling communities," says Ramljak. They all have excellent school systems. Elk Grove is unique, however, because it also offers an industrial base with the largest business park in the country, which helps to keep taxes down; a very good hospital; and an excellent park district with many amenities, all of it surrounded by forest preserves. This is a great place to live."

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