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Founded in 2002, Giorgio Contractors is a design-build general contractor and construction manager for industrial, retail and commercial. Giorgio Contractors specializes in renovations, redevelopment, improvements and new building construction.

Giorgio provides value construction services to their customers by creating a successful partnership with the client throughout the construction project. On a design-build project, Giorgio Contractors is typically hired by the client prior to design.

Giorgio takes seriously the importance of delivering on promises. They offer construction management at guaranteed prices providing clients with the assurance of a construction cost that will not be exceed. They take the responsibility for the services provided by their professionals.

For many of Giorgio's clients, nothing but a new facility will do. There are lots of reasons for going with new construction. You may not be able to find existing real estate that's suitable for renovation. You may want to introduce a new product line that needs more space. Or you may not want to disrupt your workflow. And, of course, with a new building you have unlimited design capabilities. Giorgio Contractors Corp. can execute your new building from concept to completion.

A good renovation can have definite advantages. It can increase the value of the building, improve efficiency and productivity by providing better traffic flow, and allow owners to correct any problems by upgrading everything to current standards. Renovation is also usually less expensive and can be completed much quicker than a new building, depending on the age of the existing building and the scale of the project.

Giorgio Contractors' experience in the construction industry is its main advantage. They have been in the commercial/industrial/retail construction industry a long time, so they know how to get the job done quickly, and on budget. Giorgio can provide its own design team or work with architects that the client hires.

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