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Pasquale Martinelli always knew he wanted to go into business for himself. "I come from a family of business people, so it has always been in my blood to go into business for myself like my father and grandfather did," he says.

Working as a sales representative for a window manufacturing company, Martinelli learned a great deal about the industry in the course of helping architects make the proper specifications and choose the proper products for the curtain walls, storefront windows and doors that they used in their buildings. In 1989, he turned his hard-earned knowledge and experience into his own company, Vitralum Industries (from the Latin word for glass, "vitrum"), in a 40,000-square-foot facility at 1401 Higgins Road in Elk Grove Village.

The glass doors, curtain walls, and storefront windows that Vitralum Industries manufactures are used by several hundred customers in the Chicago area in high-end residential constructions, commercial buildings such as shopping centers, and institutional facilities such as schools, police stations, and medical facilities.

Although Vitralum Industries is still very much a local company, Martinelli plans to expand his manufacturing capacity into larger markets by adding another 20,000 square feet of space to his present facility and hiring more employees to his current work force of 20.

"We're a small company but we're not too small to take the time to get things right," says Martinelli. "We sit down and talk with our customers and find out exactly what they need and what will serve their purposes best. We take the time to oversee everything personally. We're all about knowledge, personal dedication, and expertise. We use old-fashioned craftsmanship, like the Italian artisans did, but in a very modern context, with the use of the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We're a mixture of Old World artistry with New World technology."

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