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We Design, Provide and Install
120 King St. | Elk Grove Village, Il. 60007 | www.smgsecurity.com

It's every business owner's worst nightmare - a fire sweeps through your warehouse, destroying your stock; or a thief breaks into your retail store and steals valuable merchandise. Cautious proprietors realize that catastrophic losses such as these can be prevented or at least minimized by installing fire and security alarms.

SMG Security Systems, Inc. is a local solution to the need for safety measures caused by the heavy concentration of industry, manufacturing, and small businesses in Elk Grove Village. Based at a 17, 500-square-foot facility at 120 King Street, the company designs, supplies and installs fire and intrusion alarm systems, as well as systems for access control, GPS (Global Positioning System) vehicle tracking, and radio and closed circuit TV monitoring, to approximately 5,000 customers in Elk Grove Village and the entire Chicago area. Its customer base spans the industrial, manufacturing, retail, and service industries.

SMG Security Systems also maintains a fleet of 18 service vehicles which its 60 employees use to deliver, install, and tune-up its products, as well as an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed central call station which provides 24/7 monitoring of all SMG Security alarm systems.

"Certification with UL is the highest accreditation for an alarm monitoring call center," says John Reidy, SMG Security Systems co-owner. "We staff it in accordance to UL standards, which means 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our operators are continuously trained to accommodate the ever-changing technologies available for security and protection. No matter what the emergency - whether it's a fire, a burglary, or a power failure - our operators will quickly notify the appropriate personnel to respond to it."

Fire alarms make up the greatest portion of SMG Security Systems' business, which include a full range of high-technology systems from leading manufacturers such as Silent Knight, Honeywell, and Firelite. SMG Security Systems can also provide trained security engineers certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) who can help customers conduct any fire alarm tests and inspections that are required periodically by state or national laws.

Reidy and his business partner, Rich Sitarski, formed SMG Security Systems in 1988 after being introduced by a mutual acquaintance. "Rich had been an installation foreman with a local alarm company after his time in the Air Force," says Reidy, "and I was a salesman for another alarm company. We decided to pool our experience and knowledge to provide a regional alternative to large national security companies. We're a small local company with big company credentials who can be held accountable for performance."

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