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Elk Groveís plows and snow removal teams Chicagoland is no stranger to snow and when it hits Elk Grove's plows and snow removal teams are ready to serve. Elk Grove streets are just one of many community items that are under the care of the Department of Public Works.

Transportation In Elk Grove Village

The numerous highways servicing Elk Grove Village have helped make it the family-and business-friendly entity it is today. It's no challenge to trek out for a day in downtown Chicago or a weekend in Wisconsin.

The biggest connection between Elk Grove Village and the outside world is Interstate 290, or the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway. Also known as Illinois Route 53 through its stretch across the city, the highway cuts through city's west side and is the best way to get to downtown Chicago.

I-290 connects to Biesterfield Road, an east-west thoroughfare that runs through the heart of the village. Biesterfield and Arlington Heights Road, a north-south road that bisects the village, are the village's busiest roads, serving as a connection to schools and businesses throughout Elk Grove.

Arlington Heights Road also connects to the Interstate 90 Tollway, a major thoroughfare that runs through Illinois from Wisconsin to Indiana. I-90 also connects to I-290, allowing for easy access to nearby O'Hare International Airport as well as Chicago's northwest suburbs.

Airplanes, Trains and Trucking in Elk Grove Village, Il.

Moving about Elk Grove Village's 11 square miles is most easily achieved with a personal vehicle, but the suburban Pace bus hits major landmarks while saving commuters gas money. Route 223 takes commuters of Chicago's CTA Blue Line train directly into the Elk Grove Village's business area. Route 757 is a weekday rush-hour line that services Woodfield Mall in bordering Schaumburg. Route 237 takes commuters straight to Soldier Field in the heart of Chicago's downtown.

Keep in mind: Elk Grove Village requires each resident and business to keep vehicles registered. If you have a car, make sure you keep a city sticker affixed at all times; the fee for passenger cars is $25, $30 for recreational vehicles, $20 for motorcycles and $50- $155 for trucks.

Map of Elk Grove Village

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