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Charles J. Zettek Municipal Complex At 901 Wellington Avenue in the heart of the Village is the Charles J. Zettek Municipal Complex. The building was originally constructed in 1987. It houses Elk Grove's Finance Department, Engineering & Community Development, Fire Administration, and the Council Chambers. Significant expansions were completed in 2009 making room for a new Police Station, EGTV Channel 6 studio, Department of Health & Community Services, Mayor & Board of Trustee offices, and Village Administration. The building was named for Charles Zettek, described as the "Camelot of the northwest suburbs," who served as the Village president from 1971-1993.

Elk Grove Village has in its arsenal a network of reliable government services and resources that keep things running like a well-oiled machine. Most services can be traced directly to the Charles J. Zettek Municipal Complex, a sprawling modern facility in the village's residential area.

Constructed in 1987, the building originally housed the village's Finance Department, Fire Department administration, Engineering & Community Development Department and village Council Chambers. An additional Administration & Public Safety Complex was built onto the facility in 2009. The addition created the Elk Grove Village Police Department station, a studio for the village's EGTV Channel 6, the mayor's main office and other administration offices, among others.

Elk Grove Common Good Public Services

Here's a brief summary of a few of Elk Grove Village's public services:

Elk Grove Village Police Station
Police Station:
The Elk Grove Village Police Department's only station is on the first floor of the Zettek complex. It's 80-plus officers hail from top police academies and training agencies in the country. The department is fully accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), a Virginia-based agency that provides accreditation to public safety offices based on superior performance. Only three percent of law enforcement agencies in the country are CALEA-accredited.

Elk Grove Village Fire Department Firemen
Fire Department:
The Elk Grove Village Fire Department has four stations scattered throughout the village, providing 24-hour fire, rescue, and paramedic services. The Department staffs State of Illinois licensed paramedics using Advanced Life Support (ALS) Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances. In 2010, the department responded to over 5,000 calls, including more than 3,000 emergency medical responses.

Health and Community Services: The office dealing with health and community services in Elk Grove Village has underwent numerous changes since its creation in 1960. In its latest iteration, the Health Services and Community Services departments merged in 2002 to form the Department of Health & Community Services. A director for the department was created at that time to manage the new office. The department handles all things related to ensuring the health of village residents, ranging from health codes to teaching community health education. The Director of Health & Community Services is also the Recycling Coordinator, advising residents on issues related to recycling and waste management.

Engineering and Community Development: The Department of Engineering and Community Development is three-tiered:
  • The Engineering Division provides engineering services that include the planning, design and inspection of construction projects. The division's jurisdiction includes streets, traffic signals and sewage systems; the creation of civil engineering projects and revision of village ordinances.
  • The Building Division is responsible for enforcing codes, regulations and ordinances of all things related to public and private building improvements. The division also ensures that plumbing, electrical, mechanical and building codes are met in buildings throughout the village.
  • The Industrial/Commercial Revitalization Commission (ICRC) is responsible for preparing and implementing of a comprehensive revitalization plan for the industrial and commercial areas of Elk Grove Village. ICRC staff and outside consultants oversee the construction of all projects recommended in the plan.

Elk Frove Village Parks Department

Public Works: The Public Works Administration building is separate from the Zettek complex. "First Responders" from Public Works assist police and fire personnel during emergency operations. It's also responsible for the maintenance of village streets, landscapes and snow and ice control, among numerous others things.

Elk Grove Village Historical Museum

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