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Whenever you sip a can of your favorite soft drink or a cup of hot coffee from a vending machine, there's a good chance that it comes from a company that is headquartered or has a location in Elk Grove Village.

Food and Beverages in Elk Grove Village

For example, the second-largest food and beverage company in the world maintains a distribution facility on Touhy Avenue, while a location of Illinois's oldest distributor of premium beer, wine and spirits is not far away on Busse Road. Also on Touhy Avenue is the site of a high-quality caterer to Chicago area organizations that was ranked Number 95 on Inc. magazine's "Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies" list in 2008. A distributor of fine Italian coffee and another one of Mediterranean foods both make their home on Tonne Road. Several coffee and vending machine suppliers have chosen Elk Grove as their base, as well as more than one trucking company that transport fresh produce and refrigerated foods to points around the country.

With its centralized Midwestern position, business-friendly amenities, and its large business park adjacent to O'Hare International Airport and essential interstate highways, Elk Grove is the preferred venue of choice for numerous food and beverage manufacturers and distributors.

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