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With an increase in jobs of 80% since October 2009 and an extensive base of available commercial real estate, Elk Grove Village supports one of the most encouraging job markets in the state.

Commercial Real Estate

Elk Grove is home to 21,171 manufacturing and industrial jobs -- the second-largest source of manufacturing jobs in the state of Illinois. Elk Grove also maintains sizeable retail, construction, healthcare, and professional services sectors. All of this is possible because of the wide-spread accessibility of property that provides physical homes to businesses.

Elk Grove features approximately 30 shopping centers and 70 retail and industrial outlets; the largest consolidated business park in North America; a 125-acre office park; and numerous freestanding storefronts throughout the village. The Village's Office of Business Development and Marketing maintains an online search engine of available office, retail, and industrial buildings and sites. Commercial real estate companies, such as Gullo International Development Corporation, can assist businesses in buying or leasing the perfect site, or in the planning, design, development and construction of custom-made new buildings.

Whether it's office premises, retail space, warehouse facilities, or vacant land for new construction, Elk Grove offers plenty of options for companies looking to start up, relocate, or expand.

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